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Compiling from source


To build ZecWallet locally, you need to install Qt v5.11 or higher. You can get the latest opensource version from the Qt download site. Download and install the Qt version for your platform. During the installation, you should also select the build version for your platform/compiler.

Qt installer

ZecWallet is written in C++ 14, so you’ll also need a modern C++ compiler like g++/clang++/visual c++ depending on your platform.

Building on Linux

First, install the pre-requisites

sudo apt install libgl1-mesa-dev
git clone
cd zecwallet
/path/to/qt5/bin/qmake CONFIG+=debug
make -j$(nproc)


Building on Windows

You need Visual Studio 2017 (The free C++ Community Edition works just fine). Alternately, you can cross-compile on Linux for Windows using the mingw compiler. See cross-compile instructions here.

From the VS Tools command prompt:

git clone
cd zecwallet
c:\Qt5\bin\qmake.exe -spec win32-msvc CONFIG+=debug


To create the Visual Studio project files so you can compile and run from Visual Studio:

c:\Qt5\bin\qmake.exe -tp vc CONFIG+=debug

Building on Mac

You need to install the Xcode app or the Xcode Command Line Tools first, and then install Qt.

git clone
cd zecwallet
/path/to/qt5/bin/qmake CONFIG+=debug